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Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Laraba, 15 Yuni 2011

Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau

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Barka! Ga abubuwan da ya kamata ka sani

SUDAN: A reported deal to ease tensions in Sudan's disputed Abyei region appears to be unraveling, as negotiations drag into a fourth day.

KENYA CORRUPTION: Kenya's anti-corruption chief has asked the country's Education Minister to step down because of graft in his ministry.

SUDAN TALKS WEDNESDAY: Talks between Sudanese parties in Addis Ababa are bogged down over details, delaying action by the UN Security Council that would authorize a peacekeeping mission along the new international border when the south secedes July 9th.

Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Laraba, 15 Yuni 2011
Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Laraba, 15 Yuni 2011

LIBYA: NATO has resumed airstrikes on the Libyan capital after a brief layoff, hitting several targets late Tuesday. Witnesses say they heard loud explosions in the center of Tripoli and saw plumes of smoke.

SAF CHIEF JUSTICE/ZUMA: South Africa's Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution and the University of Witwatersrand's Centre for Applied Legal Studies have launched a court application to challenge, on constitutional grounds, President Jacob Zuma's extension of the term of office of the country's chief justice.

CONGO ELECTIONS: Opposition parties in the Democratic Republic of Congo are demanding an extension of the deadline for the revision of the voter register ahead of November's presidential poll.

CLINTON/AFRICA WOMEN: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says African businesswomen need more access to credit.

GHANA/YOUTH: The national organizer of a Ghanaian youth association is calling on elders and traditional rulers to help resolve a brewing conflict over a chieftaincy dispute.

SOMALIA/PRIME MINISTER: In defying the recently signed Kampala Accords and refusing to step down, Somali Prime Minister Mohammed Abdullahi Mohamed is riding an unprecedented wave of popular support in the war-torn country.

ZIMBABWE: Two South African legal groups are challenging a decision by President Jacob Zuma to extend the term of the country's top judge.