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Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Alhamis, 31 Maris 2011

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Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau

Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Alhamis, 31 Maris 2011

Barka! Ga abubuwan da ya kamata ka sani

IVORY COAST: Tension is rising in Ivory Coast's main city of Abidjan, as forces opposed to incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo advance on the city.

LIBYA: Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa has arrived in Britain and has declared he is leaving Moammar Gadhafi's government.

ZAMBIA/SUMMIT: African leaders hope to calm tensions among leaders of Zimbabwe's unity government Thursday, when they attend a regional security summit in Zambia.

Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Alhamis, 31 Maris 2011
Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Alhamis, 31 Maris 2011

NIGERIA/ELECTION: Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan was the only candidate to appear at a live television debate Wednesday ahead of national elections. Opposition candidates boycotted the debate after Mr. Jonathan snubbed an earlier televised debate in which the three candidates appeared.

IVORY COAST: Forces opposed to incumbent Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo have seized the country's official capital, Yamoussoukro, although Gbagbo forces still control the main seat of power in Abidjan.

ZIMBABWE/MASS GRAVE: Zimbabwean authorities are exhuming a mass grave that they say contains the bodies of people killed by the country's pre-independence government more than 30 years ago.

IVORY COAST: Forces loyal to the internationally recognized winner of Ivory Coast's presidential election have seized a key cocoa-exporting city, as they continue to wrestle control away from incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo.

AFRICA/HYDROPOWER: Ethiopia's prime minister has opened an international conference on hydropower with an impassioned defense of controversial Nile River projects that would make his country a regional energy superpower, but which have raised concerns among Nile consumers Sudan and Egypt.

KENYA/REFUGEES: With the recent surge in the Somali conflict spilling into neighboring countries, Human Rights Watch is calling on Kenya to stop sending refugees back into Somalia.

LIBYA/NATO: NATO has assumed full command of all air operations over Libya, taking over from the U.S., which had played a leading role since international forces began enforcing a no-fly zone on March 19.