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Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Laraba, 07 Satumba 2011

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Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau

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Barka! Ga abubuwan da ya kamata ka sani

GADHAFI/AFRICA: Despite his ouster by insurgents, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi continues to maintain some popularity in Africa's Sahel region following years of Libyan investment and the perception that Tripoli's new leaders are more interested in Europe.

SWAZILAND/PROTESTS: Protesters and security forces have clashed in Swaziland during a week of planned rallies against longtime ruler King Mswati.

DRC/PRISON ESCAPE: An official in the Democratic Republic of Congo says gunmen have attacked a jail in the southeastern state of Katanga, killing two people and allowing nearly 1,000 prisoners to escape.

Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Laraba, 07 Satumba 2011
Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Laraba, 07 Satumba 2011

US/SUDAN: The United States says fighting in two Sudanese border regions is hampering efforts to build closer ties with Khartoum.

VOA/HORN OF AFRICA: VOA begins two new shows for the Horn of Africa Wednesday evening, both focused on the drought and famine afflicting the region.

VOA/ANGOLA: VOA is criticizing the beating in Angola of one of its journalists, who was attacked while trying to cover a pro-democracy rally in the capital last Saturday.

DENMARK/SOMALI PIRATES: Somali pirates have released a Danish family of five and two Danish crew members who were seized while sailing around the world more than six months ago.

HORN OF AFRICA DROUGHT: The U.N. weather agency is forecasting a return to normal or above normal rainfall conditions in famine-hit southern Somalia.

SOUTH AFRICA/JUSTICE: Several leading human rights activists are urging South African President Jacob Zuma to reconsider his plan to appoint a controversial pastor to lead the country's judicial system.

ZIMBABAWE/MINING: A Zimbabwean official says the country is moving to cancel the operating license held by platinum giant Zimplats.