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18 Killed in Darfur Tribal Fighting

Renewed violence is expected between two warring tribes in Sudan after 18 members of one tribe were killed by the other.

The new round of violence began with a member of the Maaliya tribe killing a Rizeigat tribe member Saturday in the Al-Faddu area of East Darfur.

Later, another Maaliya member fired a rocket-propelled grenade into a pickup truck at a meeting where Rizeigat tribe members were plotting their revenge.

In addition to those killed, the attack seriously injured dozens of others at the meeting.

Now the Maaliya said they suspect the Rizeigat are plotting against them because they have seen hundreds of members of that tribe together.

According to the United Nations, 190 people were killed last August in fighting between the Rizeigat and Maaliya.

A battle last week between two sub-groups of the Misseriya tribe killed 150 people and wounded 100 more near an oil-drilling site in central Sudan, according to state-linked media, the French news agency AFP reported.