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UAE Includes 2 US Muslim Groups on Terror List

FILE - Cyrus McGoldrick, a member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, talks to commuters as they walk by an advertisement that reads "Support Israel/Defeat Jihad" in the Times Square subway station in New York, Sept. 24, 2012.

The United Arab Emirates has included two U.S. Muslim organizations on its list of more than 80 terrorist movements worldwide.

The UAE named the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Washington-based group known as CAIR, as well as the Muslim American Society, in a list that also included al-Qaida, Islamic State, the Muslim Brotherhood and Boko Haram.

Neither CAIR nor the Muslim American Society is a designated terror group by the U.S. government.

Their inclusion drew swift protests from the American groups. CAIR put out a statement that said it is seeking clarification on its "shocking and bizarre" inclusion on the list, while the Muslim American Society said that it had "no dealings with the United Arab Emirates" and was "perplexed by this news."

On Monday, the U.S. State Department said it would be seeking more information from the UAE.