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Egypt: Security Forces Kill Extremist Leader

Security personnel use a bomb-sniffing dog at the scene of an explosion that killed at least one person on a bridge over the Nile River, near an upscale neighborhood of Cairo, Egypt, April 5, 2015.

Egyptian security forces say they have killed the leader and founder of the extremist group Ajnad Misr in a shootout at a Cairo apartment.

Hammam Mohamed Attiya was shot dead during a firefight in a residential neighborhood. The group did not comment on his death, but hours later claimed a bombing that killed a police officer.

Egyptian officials say the explosion at a bridge in central Cairo wounded at least 2 other people.

Attacks mainly targeting Egyptian security forces have spiked since the 2013 military overthrow of Egypt's first freely elected civilian President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood following massive protests against his rule.