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Bomb Explodes in Libyan Town as UN Envoy Meets PM

A bomb exploded on Sunday in an eastern Libyan town where a U.N. special envoy was due to meet Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni, but there were no casualties, officials said.

One government official said at least one car bomb went off in front of the security headquarters in the eastern city of Shahat.

Thinni and U.N. envoy Bernadino Leon were due to meet in a different building, and a security official said the blast had been near the venue of the meeting of other government officials.

Libya is in turmoil as two governments and parliaments allied to armed groups who helped toppled Moammer Gadhafi three years ago vie for power and control of the country's oil wealth.

Thinni, the country's internationally recognized premier, has worked out of Bayda near Shahat since former anti-Gadhafi rebels led from the city of Misrata seized the capital Tripoli and installed a rival government and parliament.

In the main eastern city of Benghazi 300 people have been killed in three weeks of clashes. The recent turmoil has also lowered Libya's oil exports to below 500,000 barrels per day, based on previous published figures.