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Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Litinin, 25 Afrilu 2011

Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau

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Barka! Ga abubuwan da ya kamata ka sani

NIGERIA EXPLOSION: Nigerian officials suspect a radical Islamic group is responsible for bomb blasts in a northeastern Nigerian city that killed two people and wounded eight Sunday.

CONGO BOAT ACCIDENT: Officials say at least 72 people are missing after a boat capsized on Lake Kivu in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

CHAD ELECTION: The polls opened Monday in Chad for a presidential election that incumbent Idriss Deby is poised to win with the withdrawal of his three main opposition challengers.

Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Litinin, 25 Afrilu 2011
Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Litinin, 25 Afrilu 2011

MALARIA DAY: April 25 is World Malaria Day. Malaria is a deadly mosquito-borne disease that kills about 1 million people worldwide every year.

SOUTH SUDAN VIOLENCE: A militia leader in south Sudan has surrendered to authorities after clashes with the army that killed dozens of people.

NIGERIA VOTE: More violence ahead of Tuesday's gubernatorial elections in ten Nigerian states.

AU/LIBYA: The African Union ad hoc committee on Libya will meet at ministerial level in Addis Ababa, along with representatives of the international community (UN, EU, US, OIC, Arab League). The Libyan foreign minister will attend, but it is not yet clear whether any rebel representatives will be there.

SOMALIA CHILD SOLDIERS: Aid workers and observers in Somalia say an increasing number of child soldiers are being used by factions involved in the escalating violence in the country. They say most of the children are recruited or abducted by the militant Islamic group al-Shabab and suffer horrendous experiences on the battlefield.

UGANDA/MALARIA: As Uganda looks to eliminate Malaria, the country is engaged in a debate over the use of chemicals such as DDT in some of the world’s most malarial regions.

KENYA/MALARIA: As World Malaria Day is observed worldwide, Michael Onyiego takes a look at Malindi, a city on Kenya’s coast that is fighting malaria through community action.

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