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Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Talata, 16 Agusta 2011

Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau

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Barka! Ga abubuwan da ya kamata ka sani

NIGERIA/KIDNAPPING: British and Nigerian football player John Obi Mikel has appealed for the safe return of his father, who went missing in central Nigeria last week. Michael Obi, who runs a transport company, was last seen Friday in the city of Jos. Representatives for Mikel, who plays for the Chelsea football team, said Monday the father has been kidnapped.

CAMAROON/BANANAS: Disputed land rights, food insecurity and pollution caused by large-scale export-based agriculture are main themes of a Cameroonian-made movie currently being shown in the United States. Those important issues and more were presented at a Washington showing of the film called The Big Banana.

SOUTH AFRICA/CRASH: South African officials say they have found the wreckage of two small planes that disappeared Sunday in the country's northeast and confirmed there were no survivors among the 13 people on board.

Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Talata, 16 Agusta 2011
Abubuwa 10 da ya kamata ka sani a yau: Talata, 16 Agusta 2011

UGANDA/ERITREA: Eritrea's President Isaias Afewerki, who rarely travels abroad, has begun a three day visit to Uganda.

ZIMBABWE: General Solomon Mujuru, Zimbabwe's retired military chief and husband of the current vice president, has died at his farm outside Harare.

SOMALIA/FOOD THEFT: The U.N. World Food Program says it is investigating the alleged theft of food aid brought into famine-stricken Somalia. The WFP released a statement Monday following an Associated Press report that said thousands of sacks of food meant for famine victims have been stolen. The report said the food sacks, stamped as coming from the WFP or the U.S. and Japanese governments, are being sold in markets of the capital, Mogadishu.

SOUTH AFRICA/STRIKE: Municipal services have stopped or slowed across South Africa, where union workers have gone on strike calling for higher pay.

LIBYA/NATO: NATO is condemning Libya's use of a scud missile in its battle against rebels who are advancing toward Tripoli to oust Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi

KENYA/REFUGEES: Deputy internal affairs minister Orwa Ojode said his government has asked international humanitarian relief agencies to open offices in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, following the unexpected withdrawal of hard-line insurgent group, al-Shabab.

IVORY COAST: Human rights activists are criticizing Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara's regime for only arresting and charging his enemies following a six-month, post-electoral power struggle that plunged the country back into civil war.