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London Video of Islamist Suspect Goes Viral

Police tape is seen at a crime scene at Leytonstone underground station in east London, Britain Dec. 6, 2015. Police were called to reports of a number of people stabbed at the station in east London and a man threatening other people with a knife.

A video showing London police tasering a knife-wielding terror suspect in a subway station Saturday, as an unseen male shouts at the suspect "You Ain't No Muslim, bruv" has gone viral on the internet.

Within hours, #YouAintNoMuslimBruv, using the slang term "bruv" for "brother," became Britain's top trending Twitter hashtag, with users praising the exclamation for demeaning such attackers and for uniting Britons in opposition to Islamist extremism. Moments earlier, witnesses reported the attacker shouting "This is for Syria," as he slashed at nearby people at a station in east London.

The pronouncement comes 1:22 minutes into the clip:

A yi hakuri, babu wannan abinda ake nema yanzu a shafin nan

Police later said three people were wounded, one of them seriously.

Twitter user Craig Morris wrote "One sentence pushes away extremists and unites everyone else. This is our stance now. Great."

Another user called Russburt wrote of the witness and his exclamation: "One man does more for community cohesion with one sentence than any government initiative."

Still another wrote "This [video] should be played on [loudspeakers] across Daesh (Islamic State) gang areas and dropped on posters from planes."