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10 Rival Groups Sign Peace Deal in Central African Republic

Map of Central African Republic

The government of Central African Republic and 10 armed groups signed a peace deal Sunday aimed at ending two years of fighting that has killed thousands.

U.N. Special Representative Babacar Gaye said, "I want to believe that the commitment is sincere and that we will engage in the construction of progressive peace."

U.N. negotiators said all sides agreed to formally disarm, give up using guns to settle their demands, and enter a process of "disarmament, demobilization, reintegration and repatriation."

The deal also includes an agreement not to use children as soldiers or forced laborers.

Muslim rebels seized the CAR capital of Bangui in 2013, leading to often brutal attacks and reprisals between rival Christian and Muslim militias.

While violence occasionally flares, order has generally returned under interim President Catherine Samba-Panza, who is backed by a U.N. peacekeeping force.